Introduction To Learning Lua With LOVE2D

Welcome to the tutorials!
These tutorials will be an ongoing work in progress, so check back periodically.

We will be creating a simplistic game that is inspired by Skyrim, in 2D! Naturally, this will be nothing like actual Skyrim. We are simply going to use it as inspiration for our programming examples.

In the beginning, we will most likely be working on a number of smaller games before we get into creating an actual game with graphics, and this entire section will not even have graphics at all! This section is to simply help learn Lua, while learning some LOVE2D at the same time.

Once we get to the graphics we will look at things such as implementing game states, inventory, a scrolling tile map, harvesting plants and placing them into inventory, adding some NPCs, and quests. But first, we will simply learn some Lua, with LOVE!

This tutorial series will not cover the initial setup of love or Lua, as there is ample information pertaining to this on their parent sites. I will assume you have a development environment set up, and ready to code. I am using ZeroBrane as my editor. Don’t forget to download LOVE2D!